Bahama Easy | Installation Options

Installation Options

Both mobile or permanent options are available. All Bahama installation options will adequately secure the parasol.


For 8 standard flagstones (400 × 400 × 50 mm | approx. 17.4 kg/ea.), 8 flagstones are recommended; one layer with 4 flagstones possible

Available with or without flagstones

Welded, hot-dip galvanized steel frame (weight: approx. 16 kg)

Height adjustability in all 4 corners

Quick assembly and disassembly

Mobile Bodenbefestigung - Easy -

2-Piece In-Ground Sleeve

Sleeve to be set in concrete; sleeve* adaptable to existing foundation

Above-ground connecting component Welded steel

Hot-dip galvanized

Weight: approx. 4 kg

Bodenhülse 2 - Stationäre Bodenbefestigung - Easy -
Bodenhülse 1 - Stationäre Bodenbefestigung - Easy -

Steel Plate with Sleeve

Square, galvanized steel plate

Size of plate: 750 × 750 × 8 mm

For bolting onto massive stone or wood surfaces Bolts/dowels not included

Weight: approx. 37 kg

Stationäre Bodenbefestigung - Easy -

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