Architects and planning

Architects and planners early think about using Bahama products. Personal advice and individually prepared illustrations will help you in your work. For example, considering tripping-free installing options in the construction phase.

Next to the technical planning we value aesthetic details. You will find our corporate design on all design elements. Bahama supports you with an extensive choice of colors and materials.

A special service: You can conveniently download the Bahama 3D/CAD Models for Sketchup via the 3D Warehouse.


The new entry-level model “Pure” which offers a contemporary, puristic design. This latest development by our Bahama team complements our existing product ranges.

Piktogramm vom Bahama Pure Sonnenschirm in rund.


Jumbrella is our solution for everything. The product line convinces through its various sizes and combinations as well as its special additional features. The Jumbrella Wave model distinguishes itself by the curved shape of the textile cover.

Bahama Jumbrella Sonnenschirm

Jumbrella XL

The Jumbrella XL is the extra-large edition. The space covered ranges from 25 m2 through 37 m2. Our XL-model withstands the highest wind loads and can be equipped with various additional features.

Bahama Jumbrella XL


Magnum is our premium model with the largest covered space ranging from 37 m2 to 140 m2 and many possibilities of additional features. All components of the structure are designed for the exposure to enormous loads. The stability at wind speeds of up to 130 km/h is guaranteed.

Bahama Magnum
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