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Only for: Jumbrella | Jumbrella Wave | Jumbrella XL | Magnum

Not only rain falls from the sky, bird droppings or wet leaves are often bothersome, too. To attain one entirely closed area the individual parasols can be connected by a textile gutter creating a coherent covering that is optically appealing.

Gutter with a gradient for water runoff

Fastening with carabiners and chains

Stability due to rods inserted into the hollow seams Colors matching the textile membrane

Optically appealing unit of parasol and gutter Light-permeable for a cozy atmosphere

High waterproofness

Protection against rain, bird droppings and leaves

Frame Modification

The modification of the parasol frame is necessary (all spokes); threaded sockets are embedded in the spoke profile

Choice of Fabrics

betex®05, Precontraint 302, swela Sunvas

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