Additional Features

Frame Color
Optional color selection of the umbrella frame, spokes and support spokes.

Surround valance. Suitable for printing, like the textile membrane.

Color accurate fonts, logos and emblems are positioned with millimeter precision.

Installation Options
Various mobile or permanent options are available.

V4A | Maritime Edition
Maritime V4A stainless steel edition (instead of V2A) of the components and connecting parts – with special longevity. Designed for coastal areas.

Textile Gutter | TVR
Textile connection between two umbrellas. Suitable for the drainage of rainwater and dirt.

Protective Cover
Protective cover made of robust fabric for the winter period or storage purposes.

Side Panels
Versatile weather protection as well as an additional spatial solution.

Impact Protection
Soft foam safeguard surrounding the stable center pole. Offers protection against injuries.

Theft Protection
Permanently mounted cylindrical lock on the installation device and/or the opening & closing mechanism.

Frame integrated wiring.

Energy and cost saving. Frame integrated wiring.

Immediate infrared radiation without pre-heating.

Various models are available.

An outdoor screening option.

High speed internet option with power supply via a data cable.

High-capacity electric motor replacing the crank on larger models when opening and closing.

Transport Packaging
Transport packaging to assure the arrival in perfect condition.

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