Bahama Pure

The Heart of it All

Pure is our entry-level model. The large-size umbrella has a convincing price-performance ratio, with the high standards of a professional large-size parasol. The product range is aimed at both commercial and private customers.

  • 20 different model sizes ranging from 2.8 m² to 16 m²
  • Round, square and rectangular models
  • Reduced, puristic design
  • Professional workmanship
  • Telescopic opening and closing, resulting in increased ground clearance
  • Optimal fabric tension with the help of a tension handle integrated in the center pole
  • No loose functional parts such as ropes, cranks
  • Standard frame color in anthracite gray | RAL 7016, textured matte finish
  • High grade, thoroughly tried and tested quality material »betex®05«
  • Large selection of contemporary membrane colors
  • Excellent UV-protection UPF 50+ (exception: snow 9577)
  • Numerous possibilities for printing on the textile membranes and/or       valances

Product Information

Textile Membranes

The fabric of the manufactured textile membrane combines all the characteristics of a durable and sustainable product. These include not only the high-quality optics but also a variety of technical features.

Brand Name: betex®05 | Fabric exclusively crafted for Bahama

100% polyester fabric with top transparent coating

Grammage of approx. 200 g/m²

Excellent UV-protection UPF 50+
protects against UV radiation (exception: snow 9577)

High degree of fabric lightfastness (i.e. fading)
(DIN EN ISO 105-B02 Class ≥ 6–7)

High waterproofness, pressure resistance
(DIN EN 20811, ISO 811 | Water column ≥ 100 mbar, 1.000 mm)

Low moisture absorption, dries quickly

High temperature resistance (DIN 53361 from -30°/+90°C)

Excellent friction resistance (DIN EN ISO 105-x12 | Class ≥ 4–5)

High tear resistance due to high thread count

Durable, tailor-made and dimensionally stable with perfect membrane tension

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Sustainable and environmentally friendly fabrics with the OEKO-TEX 100 Standard, Class 1

Exchangeable and washable one-piece membranes

28 contemporary colors (custom colors upon request)

Printable with the most modern printing process


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Umbrella Frame

The large-size Bahama umbrella consists of a double-T profile and two adjacent smaller columns. Optically combined they form a single column in the lower center pole part. Better sturdiness also means better stability and the corresponding safety. The standard frame color of the umbrella model is anthracite gray RAL 7016, textured matte finish. Due to the subsequent PES powder coating, the surface is impact and scratch resistant.

Standsäule mit Außen- und Innensäule

Invisible and internally strengthened center pole elements

Pole diameter approx. 70 mm, wall thickness approx. 3 mm

Including locking device for opened and closed condition

Especially stable due to the extruded aluminum hollow profiles


The quality of a parasol can only be as good as its supporting and connecting parts.

Ein Schirm kann qualitativ nur so gut sein, wie seine tragenden und verbindenden Bauteile es sind.

Kantengerundete Alu-Kastenprofile 24/18, 29/18 oder 36/18 mm*

Alu-Profile aus F30/32-Legierung

V2A-stahlarmierte Gelenkachsen

Einzeln austauschbare Ersatzteile




There is a choice of mobile or permanent installation options. Mobile installations are characterized by a greater degree of flexibility. When installing an in-ground option, building measures must be carried out. All installation options are hot-dip galvanized and optionally powder coated.

Additional Features


The valance is hemmed, dyed in the matching color and the edgelines are thermally processed. No ruffles here.

Valance height approx. 30 cm

Additional advertising space


Der UV-Printer von Bahama druckt mit 9 Farbkanälen. Auch reines Weiß. Dabei wird nur lichtechte und hochwertigste Tinte verwendet, um Schriften, Logos oder 2 Embleme farbtreu und millimetergenau zu positionieren.

Optimal advertising impact

No fading due to highly UV-resistant colors

Individual printing of the textile membranes

References: Mc Donalds, Starbucks, Heineken, Carlsberg, Bitburger, Gaffel, Café & Bar Celona, Café Extrablatt, Hilton, Kempinski et al

Protective Cover

Not only does it keep everything together, it also keeps it clean. Film packaging is often not enough protection. To this end there are – especially for winter or longterm storage – robust protective covers in different versions.

Protective Cover basic

Light weather protection cover

Tent fabric | Nicotarp with lacing

Protective Cover comfort

Robust weather protection cover

»betex®05« | Polyester | 9801 – concrete

With zipper for telescopic rod

Protective Cover comfort with Telescopic Rod

Equipped with a telescopic rod, when ordering more than one cover, only one telescopic rod is necessary

Easy to put over the parasol

Protective Cover

Metal or soft padding? Some questions answer themselves when it comes to eliminating a potential source of injury (e.g. kindergartens or retirement homes).

Colorful soft foam safeguard; available in 10 colors

Cuff with soft foam on the inside

Outer material made of polyester fabric with PVC coating

With Velcro fasteners

Theft protection

Lock on tension handle(im Lieferumfang enthalten)

1 cylinder lock on the tension handle

Prevention of unauthorized opening and closing

Easy to use

Transport Packaging (included in the price)

The parasols leave our production facility in perfect condition. To ensure they arrive in perfect condition they are delivered in a hard-cardboard cylinder tube.

Transportverpackung für schadenfreie Anlieferung

Dimensions & Technical Data

Round models

Maße und Daten
All measurements are approximateØ 2.0 m
8 Spokes
Ø 2.5 m
8 Spokes
Ø 3.0 m
8 Spokes
Ø 3.5 m
8 Spokes
Ø 4.0 m
8 Spokes
Area in m22.
Parasol weight
Without installation component & packaging, in kg
A Height closed* in cm294308323338353
B Height opened* in cm270276281287293
C Passage height* in cm240240240240240
D Ground clearance* in cm193182171160150
E Ground clearance* in cm163152141130120
F inner circle diameter in cm180230280320370
Max. permitted wind velocities
fully opened parasol, km/h | Permanent/Mobile

Änderungen vorbehalten | * Alle Maße beziehen sich auf die Verwendung mit stationärer Bodenbefestigung (Bodenhülse).

Quadratische Modelle

Maße und Daten
All measurements are approximate2.0 × 2.0 m
8 Spokes
2.50 × 2.50 m
8 Spokes
3.0 × 3.0 m
8 Spokes
3.5 × 3.5 m
8 Spokes
4.0 × 4.0 m
8 Spokes
Area in m246.3912.316
Parasol weight
, in kg
A Height closed*in cm312332353373394
B Height opened* en cm270275281287293
C Passage height* ** in cm240240240240240
D Ground clearance* ** in cm171155139124109
E Ground clearance* in cm, en cas d’utilisation d’un lambrequin1401251099479
Max. permitted wind velocities
fully opened parasol, km/h | Permanent/Mobile

Änderungen vorbehalten | * Alle Maße beziehen sich auf die Verwendung mit stationärer Bodenbefestigung (Bodenhülse).

Rectangular models

Maße und Daten
All measurements are approximate2.5 × 2.0 m
8 Spokes
3.0 × 2.0 m
8 Spokes
3.0 × 2.5 m
8 Spokes
3.5 × 2.0 m
8 Spokes
3.5 × 2.5 m
8 Spokes
3.5 × 3.0 m
8 Spokes
4.0 × 2.0 m
8 Spokes
4.0 × 2.5 m
8 Spokes
4.0 × 3.0 m
8 Spokes
4.0 × 3.5 m
8 Spokes
Area in m2567.578.810.58101214
Parasol weight
Without installation component & packaging, in kg
A Height closed* in cm321331341342351362353362372382
B Height opened* in cm270270275270275281270275281287
C Passage height* ** in cm240240240240240240240240240240
D Ground clearance* ** in cm161151146140136130130126121115
E Ground clearance* in cm131121116110106100100969185
Max. permitted wind velocities
fully opened parasol, km/h | Permanent/Mobile

Änderungen vorbehalten | * Alle Maße beziehen sich auf die Verwendung mit stationärer Bodenbefestigung (Bodenhülse).


Opening, tensioning and closing is quick and easy.


  • Take off the safety strap
  • To relieve the lock located in the slider ring press a spoke towards the center pole
  • Unlock the cylinder lock inside the slider ring, lift the ends of the spokes until the parasol opens by itself
  • Attention: The tension handle may not be locked during this process
  • Lift the tension handle, press the slider ring down, place the compression clamp on the hook and push the tension handle downwards to fully tension the umbrella


    • Lift the handle up

    • Press the slider ring down to unhook the compression clamp

    • Lift the tension latch further up

    • Push the slider ring up

    • Push the spokes towards the center pole, lock-up the slider ring lock

    • Press the tension latch back towards the center pole

    • Pull the tips of the fabric to the outside of the closed parasol and spirally wrap them around the center pole

    • Then wrap the safety strap around the parasol

The excellent appearance and the technical features of the textile membrane can be maintained by adhering to the following closing procedures:

Always pull the tips of the fabric to the outside of a closed parasol

Do not store the parasol with any fabric stuck between the spokes and support spokes

Spirally wrap the fabric around the center pole

Wrap the safety strap(s) around the parasol to secure the fabric

Good to know

Sustainability and Environmental Compatibility

The betex®05 fabric, exclusively crafted for Bahama, and the resulting textile membrane are certified exclusively according to the OEKO-TEX 100 standard, Class 1 which is awarded by independent institutions. Class 1 meets the demands of baby clothing with skin contact.

The OEKO-TEX pollutant test corresponds to the respective intended use of the textiles and materials. In Germany there are clear and reliable criteria for environmental compatibility and sustainability. Bahama demands of its products that every defect or damaged part can be replaced.

Made in Germany

Bahama’s customers always refer back to the great importance of our German production facilities. »Made in Germany« is still a unique selling point and a reason to buy. Bahama‘s full range production facility is located in Germany.

The combination of the highest quality materials and structural features allows Bahama to guarantee the wind stability of its products, depending on the model, up to 130 km/h. In addition to the technical details of the parasol, it is especially the lightfastness of the fabrics’ colors, the waterproofness and grammage as well as the water column of the textile membranes which make Bahama top of its class. Trust is placed in Bahama by luxury hotels such as the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, the Hotel Sacher in Vienna and the Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, USA.


Service greatly influences the life span of a parasol. The exchangeable textile membrane of a Bahama parasol can – after being exposed to all sorts of weather conditions for years – be cleaned or replaced. Our service makes a full technical and general overhaul of the product such that they not only look attractive, but can defy the strongest of winds.

No matter where you need Bahama’s service, the Bahama team or one of our expert partners will be glad to help – worldwide.


Analogous to the sun protection factor/SPF all textiles are labeled with the ultraviolet protection factor/UPF. Built into the fabric it protects against hazardous UV radiation. Bahama uses the fabric brand betex®05 for the production of its parasol textile membranes. This material fulfills the requirements
for UPF 50+, which indicates an »excellent« dermatological UV protection factor and allows less than one fiftieth (<2%) of the UV radiation through the textile membrane onto the skin.

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