Bahama Jumbrella XL | Installation Options

Installation Options

There is a choice of mobile or permanent installation options. Mobile installation is characterized by a greater degree of flexibility in choosing the location and surface. When installing an in-ground option, building measures must be carried out that have to be taken into consideration during the planning phase. They consist of above-ground and in-ground pieces to be set in concrete.

Portable Stand


Steel frame for 16 standard flagstones 500 x 500 x 50 mm (not included in the supply scope) (depending on leveling, umbrella 293-352 mm higher)

Weight of steel frame: approx. 60 kg for 16 flagstones

Size: 1200 x 1200 mm, weight: approx. 520 kg

Steel, galvanized

Steel frame for 16 flagstones with tiltable connecting components, powder-coated in RAL color of parasol frame

Wind warranty (mobile) valid only when using the specified flagstones (only for side length < 7 m)

Height adjustable in all 4 corners, required for umbrellas with electro-mechanical options


Powder-coating in RAL color of parasol frame

Standard flagstones 500 x 500 x 50 mm

Stahlkassetten Rahmen für mobile Befestigung von Bahama Sonnenschirmen.

Steel Plate Base with 4 or 8 Steel Plates | 2 Layers

Flat construction; no tripping hazard

Hot-dip galvanized plates

Tiltable screw-on receiving column

Plate size: 740 × 740 × 15 mm (ea. 65.2 kg)

Weight of 4 Steel Plates approx. 280kg; weight of 8 Steel Plates approx. 540kg

On-ground use only possible with 8 Steel Plates | 2 layers; weight approx. 540kg; with wind warranty


Powder-coating in traffic white | RAL 9016 or in anthracite grey | RAL 7016, textured matte finish in and/or in RAL color of the parasol frame

Spacer height min. 150 mm – max. 250 mm or starting at a height of 251 mm e.g. for terrace substructures.

2-Piece In-Ground Installation

Lower part to be set in concrete

Powder-coated above-ground connecting components with tilting hinge

Powder-coated center pole sleeve Weight: approx. 42kg

For parasols with/without electro-mechanical features (also heating)


In-ground installation extension for bridging a gap e.g. an installation in a kindergarten sandbox; height order- based up to 400 mm; fulfills DIN EN 1176

2-piece Flat Foot Mount

Hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated steel

Powder-coated above-ground connecting components with tilting hinge

Powder-coated center pole sleeve

Size: 620 x 620 x 20 mm

Weight approx. 77.5kg


»fischer« heavy-duty anchoring bolts (1 set = 8 pcs.); type #FH II 18/30 SK A4; M12 thread; incl. concrete drill type #SDS Plus II, drill depth 135 mm and Allen wrench SW 8

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