Side Panels

Only for: Jumbrella | Jumbrella outSide | Jumbrella XL | Magnum

There is no more tossing a coin to figure out who has to sit at the edge of the parasol when the weather isn’t behaving. The quickly and easily unrolled »side panels« not only protect you from sudden rain showers, but also against the cold and wind. Through this possibility of creating a boundary, they provide a feeling of secure comfort.

Made completely of textile fabric with or without flexible windows of 0.5 mm strong Polyglass

With zipper for opening and closing

High waterproofness

Stability due to rods inserted into the hollow seams

Drip edge on the ground made of PVC-coated polyester fabric

Quick and easy to use; just hook it in

Light-permeable for a cozy atmosphere

Protection against sun, rain, wind and the cold

Temporary room solutions for individual event e.g. weddings, street parties, company festivities or to create a smoking area

Visual protection for unsightly surroundings like storage areas, clutter in the neighborhood, structural defects etc.

Protected seating area

Keeps a constant temperature of ambient air, especially in combination with heating radiators

Frame Modification

The modification of the parasol frame is necessary (per spoke); pre-fitting of eye screws and slot nuts on spoke profile (no additional drill hole)


Connecting piece for joining the side panels of 2 parasols

Available with roll-up door, door either on the right or left side (width: 130 cm)

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