Only for: Jumbrella | Jumbrella XL | Magnum

Who likes sitting alone at home in front of the TV? Especially not when everyone is outdoors watching the same thing. The additional feature »TV« gives outdoor screening a community spirit with a great deal of fun.

Stable, light-weight mount

Installation for 1 or 2 screens per parasol

Frame Modification

Standard TV mounting console in parasol with VESA-Norm 200 for a maximum screen size of 32 inches

240 V power connection for 1 or 2 TVs on the mounting console (available in US edition – 120 V)

Network connection CAT 7 inside the electric crown unit


External control unit with FI-switch and on/off switch for each individual electromechanical option

TV Halterung Bahama Jumbrella Zusatzausstattung
TV Halterung Bahama Zusatzausstattung

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